On This Election Year

If Cruz, Trump, Kasich, Clinton, or Sanders become President in this years election, it is not the end of America or the world.  Relax.

Be responsibly engaged, not emotionally consumed.

Stay balanced.

Your choice will usually be the least problematic candidate.

Be realistic.

The most Christian person is not necessarily the most qualified to be your plumber, your pilot or your president.

Think about it.

Your nice Mormon neighbor is wrong, the Constitution is not inspired of God like the Bible.

Stand on the Word.

Those who differ with your political view are not as stupid and evil as you think.

Be humble.

Jesus said “blessed are the peacemakers” and “there will be wars and rumors of wars.”

Accept the paradox.

In all the discussions, love your neighbor as yourself, not your candidate as your Messiah.

Be kind.

If your candidate loses, and especially if he/she wins, “in God we trust,” it’s never “in government we trust.”

Worship God.

(c) 2016 David Ward Miller

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