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The youth at Rocky Hill Community Church will be taking a trip to Pismo Beach on Saturday, March 19th!

While there, we are going to have fun building sandcastles, playing volleyball and having a great time of fellowship! We will leave at 8am, so make sure to be there by at least 7:45! We’ll be leaving Pismo at 5:30pm and will stop for dinner on the way back.

Our goal is to be back around 9!

David Welch will not be going on this trip due to the fact that his wife just had a baby, but the rest of the youth team is stepping up in his place to make this trip as fun as he would, if not more fun!

If you have any questions feel free to call me, Jordan, at 350-0922.


What to bring:

A bagged lunch

$15 (for food and transportation)

Beach gear (swimsuit, sunglasses, beach toys, etc)

A jacket

Spending money (optional)