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Happiness Door #2: HEARTBROKEN

This weekend’s message is a radical paradox:

Happiness Door #2: HEARTBROKEN

Finding Happiness in Heartbreak

Good Grief Brings Great Happiness

“Blessed-happy are those who mourn for they will be comforted.”

– Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:4)

We will unpack much from this short verse:

– 3 ways we block good grief to our harm.

– 10 ways we embrace bad grief to our harm.

– 2 simple steps to go through the good grief door to happiness.

– 4 ways God blesses/”happies” us on the other side of the good grief door.


We all need this. Some are in desperate need. You or someone you know is going through a tragic painful loss of an…

untimely death

unexpected disaster

unwanted divorce

unfair dismissal

unbearable disease.

In this broken world you will get your heart broken. Loss of something dear. No escape.

What you do with that broken heart makes all the difference. In deep sadness God offers a deeper happiness. A blessedness.



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