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Here are ten principles to consider: 1. This is an area of Christian freedom and preference. One may choose burial (in the ground or above the ground in a mausoleum) or cremation without violating any biblical command. If a Christian prayerfully decides on cremation over burial, no sin is committed. 2. Biblical Christianity exalts the [...]

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Church Stink’n Think’n

What follows is not comprehensive and some is not original with me, having been said by others in different words. After 40+ years of active pastoral leadership in growing churches, some consulting of other pastors & churches, and a whole lot of observing a whole lot of other churches, here's my take on the thinking [...]

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Love, Morality & Gay Marriage

Love, Morality & Gay Marriage pastordavemillerrockyhillcc In the gay marriage controversy, we are repeatedly told that "if people are in love, why should we not allow them to marry?" But love is not the present standard for marriage. We prohibit minors in love from getting married unless parents approve. We prohibit brothers and sisters who [...]

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I’ve Been Thinking About Miracles

1. Miracles are not providence, but are frequently confused with it. Providence is the highly unlikely working of natural laws by God. A miracle is the violation or suspending of natural laws by God. Providentially, a man survived his motorcycle going off a mountain road and falling 200 feet. Miraculously, a man had his arm [...]

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